Attention! Racesquare and The Official Formula 1 Racing Centre have merged!

This allows us to offer visitors the same unique race experience in all of our locations.

The Official F1 Racing Centre is now called Racesquare Utrecht. Join the battle and book your race here in Utrecht or any of our other locations.


What makes a Formula 1 race so exciting? Rivalry and teamwork!

‘Only racing on the actual Formula 1 track can top this!’

In every race, there is only one thing that matters: WINNING! Race to the finish line together with your teammates. Overtake your competitors and let them hear you over the onboard radio! Challenge your team and show them who the real champion is!

The ultimate outing takes place at Racesquare Zandvoort, located right on top of the iconic racetrack. Race an entire Formula 1 weekend in one hour, enjoy the view of the start-finish and combine your visit with snacks and drinks on offer at our bar.

Missed out on your podium spot? Take revenge on track or at the bar!

Do you dare to compete with your team?

Amount of sims

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Choice of different circuits

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Formula 1 race experience

Racesquare Utrecht is equipped with high-end F1 simulators. The simulators consist of the best technology and are specifically designed to give the best F1 race experience. We simulate an entire Formula 1 race weekend! It starts with a training to get you comfortable. Then you’ll try to set the fastest time during qualifying to fight for the best results during the race.

Are you coming alone or with a group? Everyone is welcome! You can reserve a seat for yourself, for you and friends or you can book your own race square: an entire grid with 20 seats.

At your own level

At Racesquare, we take everyone into account. For example, you can choose the type of race depending on your group. We have the soft race for beginners, the medium race for drivers who are familiar with simulation racing and the hard race for the real experts. Besides difficulty, the races also differ in experience. For example, during a medium or hard race there is a chance of rain, while during a soft race the sun often shines. Do you prefer not to switch gears yourself? We’ve got you covered!

Team outing Zandvoort

Your friends look best in your rearview mirror. We offer you the chance to come see. Don’t forget to comment through the onboard radio. Do you want to compete with your friends on real F1 circuits? We’ve had many groups come by and will be there to welcome you! Will we see you shine on stage?


Show your teammates who the real champion is!