Attention! Racesquare and The Official Formula 1 Racing Centre have merged!

This allows us to offer visitors the same unique race experience in all of our locations.

The Official F1 Racing Centre is now called Racesquare Utrecht. Join the battle and book your race here in Utrecht or any of our other locations.

Racesquare House Rules



  1. Alle bezoekers van Racesquare zijn gehouden, ongeacht of zij aan het spel deelnemen of niet, de voorschriften van dit huisreglement na te leven.
  2. All visitors are always required to follow the instructions provided by Racesquare staff.
  3. Racesquare reserves the right to deny entry to individuals whom Racesquare deems to have violated compliance with the house rules or who have previously been issued an entry ban.
  4. Racesquare reserves the right at all times to refuse entry to individuals or groups causing disturbance.
  5. Visiting Racesquare is entirely at your own risk. Racesquare is not responsible for any damage incurred by a visitor as a result of participating in an activity or being present at any of our locations.
  6. Racesquare is accessible to all ages; however, we cannot take responsibility for minor visitors who must be accompanied by an adult.
  7. We have a minimum height requirement of 145 cm for optimal use of the race sims.
  8. Footwear is required in the food court area.
  9. If a simulator is not functioning properly, a staff member must be notified immediately.
  10. Our location is equipped with a silent alarm directly linked to the police.
  11. Payments at Racesquare are accepted via card only. We do not accept cash.
  12. Any observation of criminal activities will be reported to the police at all times. Persons designated by the management of Racesquare are authorized to detain individuals and hand them over to the police in such cases.
  13. In cases of vandalism, theft, disturbance of order, or sexual harassment, we will always file a report with the police.
  14. In designing the racing center and related spaces, Racesquare takes measures to promote the safety of visitors and staff.
  15. We would like to inform you about our 24/7 surveillance camera system. Footage is recorded and may be used as evidence if necessary. By entering this location, you consent to this.
  16. Racesquare processes personal data, including visitor’s camera footage, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. You can find our privacy policy at
  17. For safety reasons, facial coverings, accessories, and headgear are not allowed.
  18. Smoking and/or consuming one’s own beverages and/or food is not permitted within our premises.
  19. Possession, use, and trade of drugs, as well as carrying edged or firearms, are prohibited.
  20. We are not liable for the loss, theft, or damage of personal property.
  21. Making detailed photographs, videos, or audio recordings of the race simulators without Racesquare’s permission is not allowed.
  22. Taking general photographs, videos, or audio recordings of your own game or group of participants is only allowed for personal use, and when sharing on social media, the privacy of other attendees must be respected.
  23. Taking photographs, videos, or audio recordings in areas of Racesquare not accessible to the general public is not allowed.
  24. Modifying software and/or hardware without Racesquare’s permission is not allowed.
  25. Racesquare distinguishes between intentional and unintentional damage. Intentional damage may be charged to the user, and we will seek 100% compensation from the responsible party.
  26. We do not serve alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age.
  27. Individuals under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs may be denied entry or required to leave Racesquare at the request of the staff.
  28. Racesquare takes photos and videos for its own social media and other online or offline promotions. By booking, you agree to this, and if you object, the visitor should notify the staff.
  29. Racesquare reserves the right to make changes to these house rules. Visitors are encouraged to regularly review Racesquare’s house rules for any updates.